Launch Time: Starts @ 5:00 AM once you check in you can launch anytime during the day until noon. You can also check in until noon to get going in case you need to finish up some Honey Do's around the house. There are two beaches to launch from at the school along with parking. The water bounders of the event will be the brake wall at the harbor entrance and one mile past the I-95 Bridge.

West Haven Harbor: 6/1/19
All fish must be checked in by 5 PM, Striper, Fluke, Blue & Weak CPR

Details: Come join us for a day of fun and fishing in the New Haven Harbor. This event will help support the Sound School Youth Kayak Fishing Team. Some great prizes and nice raffle for those that attend. Parking and beach launch access available. We will be fishing for Bluefish, Weakfish, Fluke & Striped Bass. This is a CPR quadfecta, Angler with the most total inches of all 4 wins and also the largest Striped Bass. Cost for this event is $45.00, cookout and raffle will start at 5:30 PM. For more updates & info e mail us

Saturday, June 1, 2019. Low Tide 4:29am (0.20ft), High Tide 10:38am (6.09ft), Low Tide 4:33pm (0.57ft), High Tide10:48pm (7.00ft) Sunrise 5:21 AM, Sunset 8:18 PM

Location: 60 South Water Street, New Haven CT. June 1, 2019. Start 5 AM, You can launch until Noon, Tournament End 5 PM. Raffle, Awards & Food 5:30-6:30


New Haven Harbor: is a triangular, four-mile-long bay, it is the second largest commercial port in the state. Three breakwaters mark the harbor's entrance, inside of which the waters are shallow except for a deep, well-marked channel running north through its midline to I-95. Three rivers — the Quinnipiac, Mill and West — flush forage into the area on each ebb tide. Their currents carry the length of the harbor and out into Long Island Sound. Extensive flats, weed beds and shellfish beds furnish an excellent environment for numerous baitfish – including mummichogs, silversides, grass shrimp and snapper blues - which provide sustenance for the harbor’s fish population. On New Haven Harbor's west side is the West Haven Sandbar, also called "Sandy Point." This is an excellent striper location for anglers without a boat. Bass are attracted to the area because of the confluence of the Quinnipiac, Mill and West rivers, which dump baitfish into the harbor just above the sandbar. New Haven Harbor is known for its schoolies and trophy stripers. The 75-pound, 6-ounce state record was caught here in 1992. The sandbar juts into mid-harbor from the West Haven beach, and the entire bar is above water at low tide. However, although you can walk almost one-half mile out, be prepared for the flood tide with a pair of chest waders for the return trip. Expect rough, roiled water and loose seaweed with an east wind, which blows across the harbor into your face. The best times to fish the bar are early morning and evening near a high tide with a west wind. The water is very shallow at low tide.

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